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Ethiopian Highland Leather (EHL) Brand

EHL is a national brand of Ethiopian sheep leather produced from sheep grown in the highlands of Ethiopia

Scientific research carried out by Leather Development Institute of Ethiopia (LIDI) supports the uniqueness of Ethiopian highland sheepskin. So that this sheepskin is light, thin, and soft, yet strong and durable. This uniqueness makes the sheepskin of the highest quality in the world.

The brand is owned and managed by the ELIA and is registered and certified in Ethiopia, USA (New York), Japan, EU and UK.

This high quality leather which is registered in various world markets is promoting Ethiopian leather and may be able to bring a bigger market for the leather products made up of this unique leather.

According to the prepared guide book ELIA manages the certification of applicants for this brand. Accordingly, four finished leather manufacturers of Ethiopia namely: Davimpex Bahirdar Tannery, Ethio-Leather Industry PLC (ELICO), New wing Shoe manufacturer & Pitards-Ethiopia Tannery have been certified in the production of EHL.

The brand is promoted through all ELIA platforms: EHL has its own web page in the main ELIA website, a color brochure has been published and dissimilated and is also promoted in AALF and other international trade fairs through various channels.



It is inspected by LIDI, a nation-owned laboratory with international accreditation of scientific study and inspection.


Food By-product

100% by-product of the Ethiopian food culture. Many up-cycled and recycled products.


Extra Care

Production process of Ethiopian Highland Leather take extra care for the environment.


Job Opportunity

Many women and young people work on leather industry for a living.


Economic Growth

The leather industry contributes to the industrialization and economic growth of Ethiopia.


Premium Price

Ethiopian Highland Leather aims premium price to eliminate inequalities in the international trade.

Certified Finished Leather Manufacturers


Tanneries are fascinating places where the magic of transforming animal hides into luxurious leather unfolds.


Davimpex Enterprise Bahir Dar Tannery PLC.

Tel: +251-115-535-978

Mob: +251-912-073-375

Fax: +251-115-159-050

Email: davimpexoperationalmg@gmail.com

Website: www.bahirdartannery.com


ELICO PLC. Awash Tannery

Tel: +251-114-707-413

Mob: +251-911-465-806


Email: corporatemarketingelico@gmail.com

Website: www.elicoplc.com.et


New Wing Addis Shoe Factory PLC. Tannery Expansion

Tel: +251-922-463-287

Mob: +251-911-474-563

Email: newwingaddis@gmail.com

Email: bertinirenzo@gmail.com

Website: Website: www.newwing.com.hk


Ethiopian Highland Leather

Our Story

Quality, Thin and Strong

CRADLE OF MANKIND, ETHIOPIA: Ethiopia is the birthplace of humanity. It is the land where humans first started creating. In producing new inventions like coffee one after another, Ethiopia has always created new things that never had existed in the world.

WORLD-CLASS POPULATION OF SHEEP: Ethiopia's sheep population is a world-class figure, and the highest in Africa. Sheep is known as the oldest livestock of history. It has been an important part of Ethiopian people, culture, and lives for a long period of time.

SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE: Over time, sheep have naturally blended into Ethiopia’s traditional culture. It was natural for the people of Ethiopia to start creating various leather products out of sheepskin as a byproduct of everyday food culture.

CELEBRATED BREED: Sheep that live in the Ethiopian highlands of over 3,000 meters in elevation have no need to protect their bodies from bitter cold. The unique geography and climate have bred a special type of hair sheep with amazingly thin skin.

Its inspection covers chemical test, physical test, and traceability of raw-material.



THIN AND LIGHT YET, STRONG AND DURABLE: The skin of this special sheep defines the extraordinary quality of leather. Ethiopian Highland Leather has a significant difference in tensile strength due to its dense fibers. While maintaining its durability, it can be thinned down to approximately 0.35 mm.

CRAFTSMANSHIP AND PRIDE: Ethiopian highland leather is finished by skilled craftsmanship of certified tanners. The delicate texture and flexibility enables more freedom to be used to create innovative products, previously unheard of leather.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Our production process should not jeopardize the lives that flourish on this beautiful highland. Caring for the environment also means caring for the sheep. Strict control of waste-water is taken.

IMPROVING LIVES: From a shepherd to a shoe maker Ethiopian Highland Leather encourages entrepreneurship and job creation of Ethiopia. The industry has kept promoting the sustainable economic growth of the country, improving the lives of millions.

The certification is valid for one year. Every year, LIDI staff certified as the Ethiopian Highland Leather auditors visit the tanneries to renew the certification.


Technical Support by Japanese expert team in Ethiopia

TheBased on the concept, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has supported Ethiopian export promotion from 2013. In the preparatory period, the sheep leather was selected for the Ethiopian Champion Product and, in order to promote the appeal of the leather to the market, a brand of sheep leather made in Ethiopia "Ethiopian Highland Leather" was launched.

Through this initiative, Ethiopian Leather Industries Association (ELIA), the owner of the brand, has attended trade shows in Japan, France and the United States, and its soft and smooth sheep leather products and materials have attracted the interest of many buyers. ELIA and other Ethiopian companies have recognized the potentials of the brand promotion, and their promotional activities have continued until today.

In the meanwhile, JICA has dispatched tanning experts, designer, bag craftsman and shoe craftsman to support Ethiopian tanneries and manufacturers from 2017. The experts have supported them grading up their products to be recognized in the international market. ELIA and Ethiopian Leather Industry Development Association (LIDI), an Ethiopian governmental organization, are also working to establish a certification system for the brands, with the cooperation of JICA. The certification standards include not only the traceability of raw materials, physical strength of leather, and regulation of chemicals used, but also environmental considerations. As of October 2021, four tanneries have obtained the certificate. Such efforts will be continued towards the day when Ethiopian Highland Leather becomes a global brand!